Safe Home Squad

Safe Home After Every Occasion

Major Brands has created a social responsibility program aimed at getting Missourians home safely. Safe Home After Every Occasion™  encourages all of us to plan ahead and secure a safe ride home before consuming alcoholic beverages.

Safe Home is a 365 day a year program designed to make planning a safe ride home before a night out a habit. The program’s mission is to take the next step in responsible consumption efforts and to ensure that no one goes out to socialize without a plan for a safe ride home.

“The Safe Home program is about planning ahead to make it home safely and making that practice a habit,” Sue McCollum, Major Brands CEO, said. At Major Brands, we have long held that we build our business by building the communities we serve. The first step in that process is encouraging all in our community to get home safe after a night out. In our business, promoting responsible consumption is the most important thing we can do.”

To date, Major Brands has helped more than 65,000 Missourians get home safely.

Safe Home is made possible through the support of Major Brands’ supplier partners.