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Major Brands’ Statement on Black Lives Matter

Major Brands Family,

Growing up, every time we “forgot” to do something my mother asked, she would say, “Actions speak louder than words.” And if we failed to do what she asked a second time; we would be reprimanded with: “The road to hell was paved with good intentions.”

Yesterday, George Floyd was laid to rest. His brutal and senseless killing by a Minneapolis police officer and the inaction of his fellow officers have led to a public outcry that the system is unfair and to demand better from law enforcement, our legal system and society. It wasn’t just unfair for George Floyd. It was unfair for Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Amadou Diallo, Michael Brown and many others before them. These horrific incidents and the glaring injustices cannot be tolerated.

I must acknowledge for all of us at Major Brands, and in particular for our Black team members, that we, and I, must do better. We must do our part to help change the intentional – and unintentional – inequity that persists in our nation, state, cities and company. We will not stand on the sidelines.

To do better, we must be open to an honest – and for many, uncomfortable – dialogue on the negative impact that prejudice, institutional racism and systemic inequities have on our society. This is true of our own team members. We must recognize that sales reps have been pulled over while on the job just because of the color of their skin. We must recognize that fitting into a predominantly white organization is not easy and that, as a company, we all must commit to fostering an inclusive workplace. Beginning today, we must hold ourselves accountable and drive toward change in our company.

At Major Brands, we often say that we build our business by building the communities we serve. I am now further defining the Major Brands value of community. To be a community-minded company, we must bring compassion and empathy to how we deal with one another and always honor our differences. We must work to understand how inequity limits and injures individuals and harms our social fabric. To value community each of us must work to promote change and acceptance in and outside of our company. This work begins, today, in memory of George Floyd, who frantically used his last words to call for his mother. Black Lives Matter.

I know these are just words. But because I know the people at Major Brands so well, I promise you, mom, action will follow.

Sue McCollum