Major Brands: 
A Major Commitment to Brands, Customers and Community

Major Brands Inc. is Missouri’s highest volume distributor of premium wines and spirits and the only large distributor that remains Missouri owned.  With offices in St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, Columbia and Cape Girardeau, it employs about 600 and serves the entire state with an outstanding product portfolio that includes the industry’s best brands.

As Missouri’s largest beverage alcohol distributor, Major Brands is committed to the customers, suppliers and communities it serves. The lasting partnerships it has created with these constituencies are the reason for its exceptional growth and performance.  A family business, it originated as E & L Wholesale in St. Joseph, Mo. in the early 1930s.

Major Brands sells and distributes consumer beverage alcohol to grocery stores, restaurants and other retail outlets throughout the state.  It carries eight of the spirits industry’s 10 leading brands, domestic and imported beers, and imported and domestic wines from large and small vineyards, as well as specialty non-alcoholic beverages and waters. In total, more than 4,300 products are counted in its distribution portfolio.  Essentially, Major Brands’ job is to make these premium beverages available to all consumers at their retail outlet or restaurant of choice.

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